Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness.

It’s the end of the semester and I am way behind. 7 posts behind to be exact. But it’s not my fault.

Throughout the past two months, I’ve been writing all my posts fairly regularly – they just happen to be saved in my “drafts” folder. So, why haven’t I published them yet?

You see, I don’t like putting out posts that are in any way incomplete. Once it’s out, it’s done. As in: 1) no typos, 2) all links included, 3) all pictures inserted and properly formatted.


Herein lies the problem.

Yes, I have a stockpile of nice neat articles in reserves. All done. Ready to go. But where the heck are all my pictures!? I’m searching through my desktop. Not there. Ok, ok, it doesn’t have to be that picture, just a picture. Any will do. Oh hey, I know, there was that one at the restaurant… or maybe the one where…

Man! Did my usb just decide to swallow up every relevant picture I’ve ever taken? All that’s left in my folder right now are those shaky-blurry-ugly pictures I should’ve deleted as soon as I’d taken them (and now it’s even more junk I have to sift through).

Hm, anything on the internet? Nope, that site needs money. That one needs a subscription. Copyright… Argh, maybe I’ll just take a random picture right now and use that. That might work.

Why oh why oh why did I leave all the pictures until the end? Now I have to go through my entire monster library. Why didn’t I just organize all my photos from the get-go to make my life easier? I was so naive.

The clock is ticking.

December 3rd. 6pm. Doomsday is fast approaching.

Why Me?

Why Me?