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While sifting through the thousand or so pictures in my folders, to look for images to post on this blog (oh the pain I go through for you guys), I stumbled across some uniquely bad/funny/accidental ones. Here are some of my favourites (or, least favourites):

I find people immediately delete their bad pictures, but I always keep them. They’re the ones that crack me up when I look through them at home. What about you? Any bad/inopportune vacation pictures to share?


As I’ve mentioned, there are some interesting critters here in Vietnam. Occasionally, they break into your house! This little guy scared the crap out of me when he zipped across our bathroom walls. (“Ack! What was that?”). I’ll bet it’s those spiders back at home which have made me prone to entering panic-stricken mode anytime I see movement in a bathroom.

My mom teases me: “…What, are you scared of tiny lizards?”
Me: “No. Of course not. (I just don’t want it running around in there while I shower).”

Ah, the situations I find myself in. But I’m not the only one am I? Would you be able to relax and shower while a blurry who-knows-what was darting around the walls?

Went for a boat ride in Hue =) I look pretty unhappy in some of the pictures, but only because the sun was in my eyes!

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