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Hi There!

In case you’re new around these parts, here’s a little (albeit belated – wrote this up three months after this blog was first conceived… very nice) backstory about me:

My name’s Denise, and I’m a Vietnamese-Chinese hybrid (my cousin calls me a mutt, but just joking of course) living in Canada.

Last summer (July 2012), I visited Vietnam – my parents’ home country – for the second time in my life. (The first was when I was 3 years old, so that doesn’t really count does it?). And I can tell you, it was an amazing experience! About half of my family/relatives live there, some 50-odd members (no, that’s not an exaggeration).

Unfortunately during my last trip, we also visited several cities around China and Thailand

Readers: “‘Unfortunately’? Den, you spoiled brat!”

Den: “Now hold up, you didn’t let me finish. Yeesh.”

As I was saying. Unfortunately, because of all the travelling, I didn’t really get to spend much time with my family. (Or the kids! No, not my kids, my cousins’!). So this time around, I planned to make exploring Saigon a priority. And, to start up this blog so I could update my friends and family back home. So here’s a take on Vietnam, through my eyes. It’s a collection of everything interesting, mundane, hilarious, heart-warming, or thought-provoking.

Look around. Learn something new. Laugh (is that to much to ask for?). Enjoy.


-Denise Tran


What’s Up, Den?

Hey Everyone! I’m travelling around Vietnam this summer, July 14 to August 24, 2013.

Plans? Soaking in the 40-degree weather, trying the best of fresh tropical fruit, regaining the trust of shy baby relatives. Heading to the beach, visiting Da Nang. Exploring the city by motorcycle.

Getting a tattoo. Just kidding! (…Or maybe? Anything goes in VN).

It’ll probably be my last big trip for a while – I plan to make it count!

Vietnam 2012 019

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