If you’re the regular arcade-goer or own a Playstation at home, you’ll certainly be familiar with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).

I was out with some cousins, and we decided to go to an arcade. When we got there, I saw that they’d switched up the usual DDR up/down/left/right foot pads.

From this:

To this:

My first thoughts? Bootleg! They thought they could make replicas just by switching around some buttons? Thinking there was nothing to see here, I began to walk past.

That is, until I saw this:

He’s not even looking at the screen. Someone, give the kid a deal or something!

Needless to say, I was most impressed. And I quickly shifted from my ‘the Western world knows best’ attitude regarding product production and the performing arts. Sometimes it’s the little things that show how bigoted we can be, and I’m certainly no exception.

Reality check! People around the world might do things a little differently than in Canada. But that doesn’t mean it’s for the worse (or better). It’s just… different.

Ever had that epiphany? Where the world as you know it comes crashing down? (Or at least your original mindset gets a bit of an adjustment).

P.S. I believe the arcade game was Pump It Up, a Korean version of DDR. I found this out much later. Like, just today. So there you go.


Photo Credits:

Dance Dance Revolution: Cruise Savvy

Pump it Up: Eugene Shuge