Homes in Vietnam look pretty different from the ones in Canada. Buildings of all different shapes and sizes line the streets, each looking like they were built during completely different decades. Some look like afterthoughts (hm, I think a building would fit here). With all the mish-mash of houses, residential streets don’t exactly look like they were the result of someone’s ‘grand vision’ (I don’t think the architects and city planners had this in mind). But, it’s sort of nice that way.

Newer homes tend to look like mini apartment buildings. They’re several storeys high (3-5), but usually not too wide.

Older homes look kind of like large, furnished garages, with wood and tile all about.

House entryways are much larger than those in any other country I’ve ever been to. They’re about the size of french doors or more. Usually, doorways have metal gates (like at stores in a mall) rather than wooden/glass frames.

Lots of tile, marble, stone, and cement here! (Can you believe it? Solid marble is relatively cheap here). No such thing as carpet, from what I’ve seen. Thank goodness, or my feet would be on fire in the 40 degree Celsius heat…

Downtown Saigon, you have more westernized buildings. Malls and restaurants there are similar to Canada. Almost feels like a Frankenstein of Chinatown (in Toronto), Las Vegas, and Miami, all mixed together. If that makes any sense.

And, I forgot to mention. Since VN is quite crowded (over 88 million people living on that little piece of land!), houses are built upwards, instead of over a wide area.  Which means: stairs.

This should give you an idea. These vids are a bit shaky by the way. Might not want to watch if you get motion sickness easily.

And just how long does it take to get to the top of a house?

What are some neat homes and buildings you’ve seen around the world?