Vietnamese television is a bit weird.

You get a lot of imported shows from North America, China, Japan and Korea. They have a bunch of new cartoons now, but I’ll also see a lot of shows which I recognize from my childhood.

Some of the shows our dubbed into Vietnamese, some only have subtitles (it’s a great way for kids to learn a new language!). But a good chunk of the shows are voice-overed. I don’t mean dubbing. I mean, they turn down the audio somewhat, then have some person voicing and translating directly over.

And I swear it’s the same lady doing every single show. She doesn’t roleplay or change her voice to suit the characters either, just talks right over all the dialogue. Dub-lady makes watching TV here quite painful.

Just so you get an idea of how bad she is:

This show is called Công chúa Ori, or Princess Ori. Originally in Chinese (Manadarin). Notice the fantastic voice-over.

What I much prefer.

This is a subbed version of Doraemon, much like how it would appear on Vietnamese television.

Unfortunately for me, they usually turn down the volume of the original dialogue so much that you can’t really make  out the words anymore. So, I can’t resort to just ignoring dub-lady.

Luckily, Discovery Network is in English.


Obviously I don’t own rights to Princess Ori or Doraemon. Those belong to Fujiko Fujio and Puzzle Animation Studio Limited, respectively.

P.S. I found out that you can press a few buttons and watch stuff from Youtube on the TV! (Can you do that in Canada? Is my TV back home just outdated?). Maybe it’s not anything amazing to you, but I most certainly was impressed.

P.P.S. My mom just came into my room and saw me (apparently) watching Princess Ori.

Her: “…What are you doing?”

Me: “Homework. For my blog.”

Her: “Yeah, sure.” [leaves]

Sigh, no one understands…