This is my uncle’s cat – very energetic and playful. Alas, kitty has a sad history. My uncle used to have several cats, but over time they went missing. Most likely caught by someone (some people are very poor and resort to catching and eating any animals they come across, including domestic cats and dogs).

When I visited last year, there was an orange-y cat and a white one. This year when I came back, I knew our white cat had already gone missing. Orangey was still around, but when I took a closer look, she seemed a little different. I later found out this new cat was in fact Orangey’s kid. Original Orangey, and White were both gone =(

I’m glad we still have at least one cat though. He likes to prance all around the house and poke his little head out from the stair railings. Sleeps on all the chairs (to the annoyance of my uncle) and uses the motorcycle tires as his personal scratching posts.



In memory of Original-Orangey and White: